LABAN 2018 International Conference

in celebration of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute’s 40th Anniversary

May 31 to June 2, 2018

Conference Theme: Irmgard Bartenieff & LIMS’ Impact in All Walks of Life


Since 1978, when Irmgard Bartenieff founded LIMS, the Institute has carried the mission to preserve, teach, advance and highlight the relevance of Laban-based movement studies. Through educational programs, community outreach, research, and artistic events, LIMS has fostered a deep understanding of movement principles to human beings in all walks of life. Moreover, LIMS has certified 2000 Movement Analysts (CMAs) worldwide, resulting in a strong network that makes people aware that being alive is being in movement.

The CMA community is deeply creative and forward thinking. They have shaped amazing new Laban/Bartenieff-inspired institutions, created several dance and theater companies, and developed numerous educational, technological, artistic programs, and research projects. From theater directors to actors and choreographers, teachers to researchers, therapists to behavior and brain scientists, community leaders to negotiators and politicians, CMAs make a difference wherever they are.

To celebrate LIMS 40th Anniversary, our conference will highlight the work of “Irmgard Bartenieff & LIMS’ Impact in All Walks of Life. We welcome all Laban Movement Studies’ lines of thought, hoping the occasion will offer the chance to dialogue, debate, present, perform and address the relevance of movement understanding in the 21st century.

Steering Committee:
Karen Bradley  | Judy Gantz  | Regina Miranda

Honorary Chairs:
Jody Gottfried Arnhold  |  Bonnie B. Cohen  |   Peggy Hackney  |  Carol-Lynne Moore

LIMS New York City Host Committee:
Martha Eddy, Chair  |  Martha Davis  |  Ellen Goldman  | Forrestine Paulay  |  Claire Porter

Conference Coordinator:
Regina Miranda, LIMS CEO/Director of Arts & Culture

Conference Producers:
Ana Leon Bella  |  Lorraine Benjamin  |  Cheryl Clark  |  Trisha Janelle Gragera


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The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) gratefully acknowledges

JODY & JOHN ARNHOLD for their generous support of this celebration.