LABAN 2018
International Conference

Presenter Line-Up

Schedule of Events will be Published in February. 


  • Adiarte, Sandra: LBMS in the Twilight of Truth and Lie: Movement, Behavior and Meaning.
  • Aragon Zamorano, Gabriela: Carving in Between, Under and Over Language
  • Barragan, Rosana: Laban/Bartenieff Applied in Children’s Dance Pedagogy Through Storytelling Based on LMA and Bartenieff Studies
  • Brooks, Lynn: Blackface and Ballet Blanc in Antebellum America: A Style Analysis of Two Contrasting Movement Form
  • Cheng, Brenton: 21st Century Motif: Relevance and (R)Evolution
  • Copple, Mary: Exploring the Motion Space: An Application of the Laban-Bartenieff Work in an Architecture and Design Program at the Bauhaus Dessau
  • Cowart, Corrie: Waldorf Connection and Laban Connection
  • Davis, Crystal: Coping with Our Environment: Critical Theory and the Future of Laban Movement Analysis
  • De Valle, Flavia: I and the Other: LMA Transposed on to the Stage
  • Fernandes, Ciane: Crystal Dance: LMA, Authentic Movement, and (Dis)Ability
  • Fiuza, Bruna & Bicalho, Luciana: A Practical Gaze Towards New Expressive Unfoldings
  • Franca, Ana: 1978-2018: LIMS Impact in the Brazilian Performing Arts
  • Kennedy, Antja: Movement Choirs in Germany – Past and Present
  • Lagomaggiore, Anna & Massa, Marisa: Dance Movement Therapy and Learning Disorders: a Pilot Study
  • Lepczyk, Billie: Lepczyk’s Creative Dance Curriculum
  • Machado, Marcus: Laban and the World of Silence
  • Marcos Furones, Elisabet: Hyperactivity Analyzed Through Movement: Finding the Underlying Patterns for Concentration in ADHD
  • Marques, Isabel: Rudolf Laban and Paulo Freire: A Dialogue Towards Justice in a Time of Social Crisis
  • Martin Lambert, Marisa: A Perception/Action Flow Practice for Somatic Development and Dance Research
  • Minnick Michele: Bringing the Whole Self to Somatic Practice
  • Munro, Marth & Froneman, Anchen: Applying LBMS Towards Enhancing Piano Performance
  • Nemetz, Laurice: Dance as a Means to Practice the Movement of Life: A Look at How Environmental Space Shapes Us
  • Paiuk, Irena: LBMS as an Education Methodology for Developing Nonverbal Communication and PT Education
  • Parsons, Martin & Parsons, Samantha: The Body at Work
  • Prinsloo, Tarryn-Tanille; Munro, Marth & Broodryk, Chris: Observing and Analyzing the Screendance CoNCrEte (Ginslov 2009) Through Laban Movement Analysis
  • Ramesh, Rajyashree: Embodied Concepts in the Aesthetics of Indian Dance Theatre
  • Sastre, Cibelle: Within Learning, Teaching, and Performing through LMA/BF and Motif Writing
  • Stirling, Glenda: Developmental Differences: The Applications of Laban Movement Analysis in Actor Training and Theatrical Practice in North America, The United Kingdom and Australia
  • Tourinho, Ligia: LMA as a Performative Approach at the Director’s Preparing
  • Tsachor, Rachelle: A Developmental Movement Approach to Trauma Resiliency
  • Tsachor, Rachelle & Shafir, Tal: An LMA Methodology for Statistical Analysis of Complex Movement
  • Van Berkel, Roos: ELICSE: Ethnographic and Laban Applied Coding Systems of Engagement
  • Whitley, Jenn: Expression of Dying Trace-Forms Between Patient and Dance/Movement Therapist
  • Whittier, Cadence: Creative Ballet Teaching: the Integration of L/BMA and Ballet
  • Yoo, Si-Hyun: New Approach to Motif Writing

In accordance with authors, many of the papers above will be included or

form panels to motivate dialogues and the meeting of ideas


  • Arnhold, Jody Gottfried; Finkelstein, Joan; Shelby, Nel, et. all: The Impact of LMA in NYC Education (Film & Panel – Opening Sessions)
  • Bary, Margaret; Barylick, Martie; Biddle, Ann; Burk, Jennifer Katz; Gallant Catherine & Lopen, Mariangela with Arnhold, Jody Gottfried (Moderator): Impacting Children through Dance: Embodying Laban and Bartenieff
  • Baybutt, Alexandra; Studd, Karen & de Bruijckere, Stephanie: That Word Doesn’t Exist in My Language: A Panel Discussion on Teaching and Learning in Multiple Languages
  • Beardall, Nancy; Bloom, Katya; Cathcart, Jane & Tortora, Suzi: When and How Do We Use LMA in Dance/Movement Therapy Clinical Practice?
  • Cohen, Bonnie Bainbridge; Davis, Martha; Goldman, Ellen; Hackney, Peggy & Pauley, Forrestine: 1960s: Irmgard’ lasting influence on her first students
  • Callison, Darcey; Escher-Kahn, Lucy; Whitley, Jenn; Walsh, Kelley Ann: Four About Four: A Module Education Matrix
  • Eddy, Martha; Vasudevan, Preeti & Porter, Claire: An Artistic Tribute to Irmgard
  • Hardenbergh, Marylee; Dunn, Gretchen; Kennedy, Antja & Ibarguen, Vannia: Global Water Dances: a Worldwide CMA-inspired Project



  • Adrian, Barbara; Bloom, Katya; Casciero, Tom; Mizenko, Jennifer & Porter, Claire: LMA for Actors. Five Different Perspectives, as Presented in The Laban Workbook for Actors
  • Angel, Vicky: Laban/Bartenieff Practices and Aesthetic Education
  • Buchholz, Astrid: All at Once: Voice and Movement (GER)
  • Carroll, Roo: Meditation and Mindful Movement Through a Laban Lens
  • Chanik, John: Moving Seniors – Maintaining Essential Movement with Bartenieff Fundamentals
  • Cox, Eleanor & Huntleigh, Amanda: The Core of Music is Movement
  • Davison, Dana: The Body in Translation
  • Doll, Mary Chase: The Breath of the Compassionate: moving Islamic Sacred Geometry through the Lens of Laban Movement Analysis
  • Evans, Bill: Master Class in the Evans Dance Technique: integrating an Approach to Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies
  • Funsch, Christy: 100 Prompts for Fundamental Practice
  • Gantz, Judy & Heifetz, Deborah: How LMA Influenced the Creation of Embodied Leadership Training (ELT)
  • Guest, Anne Hutchinson; Curran, Tina; Heildan, Teresa & Megill, Beth: Literacy and Artistry in Action: Community Games with Language of Dance®
  • Hackney, Peggy & Meaden, Janice: Touch for Repatterning Using: Irmgard’s Basics
  • Jobe, Kate: Getting to What’s Right About What’s Wrong: Using L/BMA in Psychology with “Non-Movers”
  • Klein, Susan & Eddy, Martha: The Impact of Bartenieff Fundamentals on Contemporary Modern Dance/Somatic Dance
  • Mackavey, Jill: BF, LMA, and Sensual Movement
  • Peskin Gidron, Sharon: Overcoming Stagefright Through L/BMS Work
  • Rapisarda, Lorella: The Missing Pull
  • Reisel, Megan: Adapting LMA to Any Movement Training
  • Sarasvati, Bala: Contemporary Dance Technique – Falling, Flying and Spiraling and Identifying the LMA/BF origins
  • Schmid, Stefi: Jenny Gertz: A Pioneer of Children’s Dance
  • Shea, Kathleen: Somatic Yoga: How LMA/BF Can Enrich the Yoga Practice
  • Siotas, Anastasi: EUREKA – The Icosahedron and Biotensegrity, a New Model of Dynamic Anatomy
  • Tortora, Suzi & Bradley, Karen: Ways of Seeing: An LMA/BF Dance/Movement Therapy Program
  • Woodruff, Dianne & Hand, Jackie: Bartenieff Fundamentals in the 21st Century: Working Models for the Fascial Matrix

ECOPOETIC: 6:30PM to 7:30PM on June 1st at Washington Square Park

  • Bartell, Ellen (US): GeoTime
  • Berry, Emily (US): Space Inherited
  • Bicalho, Luciana (BR): Flight: Nerves and Wings
  • Cash, Susan (CA): The Space Between
  • Cowart, Corrie Franz (US): Interlinked
  • Deasy, Helga (IR): Helica
  • Fiuza, Bruna & Tourinho, Ligia (BR): Inner Outer Nature Dialogue
  • Funsch, Christy (US): Punny Human
  • Haenggi, Andrea (SW): Digitaria
  • Josa-Jones, Paula (US): Mammal
  • Lopez, Mariangela (VEN): El Regresso
  • Martinell, Nicole & Shute Malcolm: Tender Root
  • Miranda, Regina (BR): Air, Water, and the Flight of Birds
  • Mohmmenson, Maria (BR): Vector
  • Park, Hannah (US): Gravity of Heart
  • Shaw, JoAnna Mendl (US): LISTEN, WAIT, WATCH… small dances made in real time
  • Stein, Dafna Soltes (US): From Tree to Shining Tree
  • Sullivan, Thomas (US): Waters of Japura


Please note that this list reflects all presenters who have confirmed their attendance with registration as of January 25, 2018. If you believe your name has been left off in error, contact