Bartenieff Fundamentals Review

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Bartenieff Fundamentals Review class!

We can transform our functionality and expressivity by deepening our awareness of the body in relation to the environment.

We can create more choices and communicate more efficiently through mindful movement.

Bartenieff Fundamentals Review is a one-hour online review class, open to all former Introduction to BF students and friends with similar experience.

This is a chance to get back into the powerful tools of Bartenieff with a facilitated overview by sought-after faculty member Alexandra Beller.

During this 60-minute virtual review class, LIMS faculty member Alexandra Beller will guide you through the fundamentals you learned in your Intro (or similar) course, and discuss potential applications to your work and life. There will be time for a Q and A.

To reserve your spot in one of our upcoming BF Review classes with Alexandra Beller, enter your name and email, and select which session you would like to attend, below.

Bartenieff Fundamentals has applications in:

  • Therapeutics
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Sports
  • Personal Growth
  • Pedagogy
  • Spirituality
  • Politics
  • Relationships
  • Creative Process
  • Developmental Psychology
  • And more!

Here’s how this FREE review class works…

You will get a link to sign on for a one-hour session that will cover:

  • Basic Six
    • Thigh Lift
    • Forward Pelvic Shift
    • Lateral Pelvic Shift
    • Knee Drop
    • Arm Circle
    • Body Half
    • X rolls
  • Six Body Organizations
    • Breath
    • Core-Distal
    • Head-Tail
    • Upper-Lower/Homologous
    • Body Half/Homolateral
    • Diagonal/Cross-Lateral
  • Four Themes
    • Stability/Mobility
    • Inner/Outer
    • Function/Expression
    • Exertion/Recuperation
  • 8 Principles
    • Breath Support
    • Core Support
    • Weight Shift
    • Effort Intent
    • Spatial Intent
    • Initiation and Sequencing
    • Rotary Factor
    • Dynamic Alignment

Alexandra will include discussion, review, movement and Q & A time for a thorough and holistic review and activation of the material.

About Your Teacher


Alexandra holds a BFA/Dance (University of MI), MFA/Dance (University of WI at Milwaukee), and CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) in Laban Movement Studies (LIMS). She is on faculty  at Princeton University, Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, and guest teaches nationally and internationally. She has been actively teaching both private and group Bartenieff Fundamentals classes for 7 years. Previous bodywork training includes Massage Therapy, Gyrotonics, and Breathwork.

Alexandra is also a Choreographer and Director for Theater, and has worked on numerous Off Broadway and regional shows as a Movement Director and Choreographer. She is the Artistic Director of Alexandra Beller/Dances, a company that produces workshops in Somatics, Creative Process, and Performance and Praxispace, an artistic community.


Q: I studied Bartenieff, but not with LIMS. Can I still take this review class

A: YES! The offer to all our former Intro students extends to anyone with similar experience. If the topics listed above seem familiar, but you’d like more engagement or review of them, you are welcome to join!


Q: I currently have an injury or illness. Can I still keep up?

A: Yes. This will be a go-at-your-own-pace experience and you are always welcome to adapt, shift, or skip any part of the movement.

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