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LABAN 2018
International Conference

Call for Performances

Site-specific Performances aiming to raise environmental awareness and to promote equity in human beings’ relationships with each other, with nonhuman species and the natural world.
ECOPOETIC, the artistic highlight of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies’ 40th Anniversary Celebration, will be a free and open to the public site-specific performing arts event, presenting simultaneous performances located throughout different spaces of a Manhattan public park, still to be confirmed.

ECOPOETIC has been conceived as a multi-centered spatial structure formed by small non-intrusive performing spots that will occupy multiple spaces across a Manhattan park. Our intention is to welcome performances that will not be imposing over the surrounding spaces, or hinder their normal use, but dialogue with the environment, its activities, and passersby.

At ECOPOETIC, the artwork will be performed without stages, amplified sound or set installations. Just people, performing close and with people, adding new rhythms and movement dynamics to the beautiful atmosphere that exists in a Park. While each work will stand alone as a signature piece, one will also add to another creating an overall compelling aesthetic experience for audiences and casual spectators.
For the past 15 years, LIMS has been consistently producing MOSAIC as its Annual Performing Arts’ Event. Always conceived around a theme, such as cultural identity, gender issues, and boundaries between art forms, among others, MOSAIC has been presented in traditional theaters, art galleries, dance studios, parks, and other unconventional spaces.
For the LABAN 2018 International Conference, ECOPOETIC MOSAIC Artistic Director hopes to motivate the Laban & Bartenieff performing arts’ community to come together to create a socially and artistically inspirational event to raise environmental awareness and promote equity in human beings’ relationships with each other, with nonhuman species and the natural world. ECOPOETIC has been conceived as a framework to address these concerns, expressing our desire to collaborate in taking care of the home we share with millions of species, through artistic practices that cultivate meaningful relationships and create healthier livable places.

We invite performing artists across all Laban and Bartenieff lines of thought to propose performances that reflect and relate to the concept of ECOPOETIC, and to explore and extend the concept through a unique creative perspective. 
It motivates us to think what role might a Laban-inspired performance event play in shaping a more appreciative, committed and fluent attitude about other cultures, species and the natural world. 
Acknowledging and welcoming the long tradition of performances that have nature or landscape as a theme, ECOPOETIC is especially interested in including performances that favor open-ended and non-hierarchical encounters between human beings and the world’s multiple species and environments.  
ECOPOETIC evokes the early 20th century “Movement Choirs” created by choreographer/movement theorist Rudolf Laban (1879 – 1958), who  believed their collaborative structure promoted core needs of human society: “sharing, relating and creating together.”

Our previous experiences with MOSAIC have informed us that public space performances that relate to the audience and the environment inequitable ways have the potential to transform peoples’ perceptions of their surroundings, to create new memories and to redefine social spaces through people’s connections with local rhythms and architecture.
We hope you are motivated by the theme and the possibility of sharing, relating and creating together in this Laban-inspired artistic event!

All Submissions must contain a Cover Page with the following information:

  1. Name and Affiliation
  2. Physical Address, Email, Telephone Number (with Country & Area Code)
  3. Country of Origin
  4. Title of your performance
  5. One paragraph describing your performance. No more than 7 lines. 
  6. One paragraph on how Irmgard and/or Laban’s theories influence your art. No more than 7 lines.
  7. One paragraph bio. Please highlight your Laban background. No more than 5 lines.

All information about your proposal must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word Format: Arial, 12, 1.5 Spacing, and submitted to LIMS CEO, Regina Miranda,

In addition to the Cover Page, please add an additional page including: 

  1. Headshot (300dpi)
  2. Link to your website, Instagram and/or Facebook Page.
  3. Link to a 2-minute video of a related or appropriate work you have created in the past.
  4. Name(s) of performers.
  5. Names of core creative team.
  6. Idea, photo, or design of costumes; including color scheme.
  7. If you plan to use music, you must have the rights to use it in public. For recorded music, you will need to provide your own wireless sound decide and the volume must be kept low. Please indicate this in your proposal.
  8. Design or photos of props, if any.
  9. Other information that you think is important.
Submission Deadline for all Performance Proposals is October 30, 2017. 
A panel of CMA performing artists will select the performance proposals.