Latest Past Events

Integrated Movement: What it is and How to Use it

Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies New York

  Description This course will discuss and define what Integrated Movement is, how it is different from Posture and Gesture, what it says, and how it can be used. Our approach will be to explore Integrated Movement as a unique … Read More


BF for Contemporary Floor Work

Online - Zoom New York

Class Description Rocking, sliding, spiraling, rolling, rising, and falling constitute the essential vocabulary of contemporary floor work, in which the floor is our first partner together with gravity and momentum. We will explore and deconstruct this vocabulary through the lens … Read More


Social Identity and LMA/BF

Online - Zoom New York

Course Description In this course, participants will consider aspects of social identity as fundamental to the way we experience and understand ourselves and others as movers. This awareness has implications for the way LMA/BF is taught, learned and applied, and … Read More