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      Please reply to this thread and tell us a little bit about yourself! Feel free to ask a question as well.

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        Hello everyone,

        I am online as an administrator of the forum but I’m also welcoming you as the President of LIMS. Here is a short bio:

        Karen Bradley is Emerita Associate Professor of Dance, University of Maryland, College Park, CMA, and a trained dance-movement therapist. I’ve taught in higher ed dance and theatre programs, conducted research on LMA and Neuroscience ( ), written articles on dance education, and wrote the book Rudolf Laban for Routledge’s series on 20th Century performance-practitioners. I’ve taught LMA in many places, given keynotes, appeared on TV and in the media using LMA to explain the behavioral patterns of candidates and world leaders, and spent two years exploring dance and global peacemaking and dance and community building via an endowed chair. I am now retired A9although clearly not from LIMS!) and living in rural Nova Scotia, where I work with children, seniors, and community members in movement.


          Hi, Laban/Bartenieff Colleagues,

          I’m totally fascinated by Laban/Barentieff Theory and Practice Discussions! Count me in! Currently I live near St. George, UT, near Zion National Park, and am taking classes in oil painting and sketching.

          Here’s a brief bio:
          Peggy Hackney ….
          Toured the USA dancing professionally with the Bill Evans Dance Co. for many years, and is Internationally known for her pioneering work in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis. Peggy entered the Laban world in 1963 through Labanotation, and is still interested in the power of symbols. She studied with and assisted Irmgard Bartenieff for nearly 15 years, and has directed Certificate Programs in both the USA and Europe. Her book: “Making Connections: Total Body Integration through Bartenieff Fundamentals,” is a major textbook for Bartenieff Fundamentals used around the world. She has BA degrees from Duke University in both Psychology and Education, and has a Master’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence in Dance. Peggy is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA) and a Registered Massage Therapist. She recently retired from teaching at the University of California in Berkeley, and now teaches internationally. Even after 56 years in the Laban field, Peggy still thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and learning from others!

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