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SATURDAY, APRIL 29 @ 9:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Eastern / SUNDAY, APRIL 30 @ 1:30 AM Tokyo




SATURDAY, APRIL 29 @ 4:00 PM Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern / SUNDAY, APRIL 30 @ 8:00 AM Tokyo


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Are you interested in understanding how Laban/Bartenieff might create new career opportunities for you?


Have you ever considered getting a CMA?

Would you like some one-on-one mentorship or feedback about your future?

STEP 2) Schedule a 30 Minute Laban Bartenieff Career Mentorship Call with LIMS

On this call, you will:

  • Talk about your career and how Laban/Bartenieff might create new opportunities for you both professionally and in your personal journey.

  • Hear from an expert about how to apply LMA/BF to your field.

  • Identify next steps to help you reach your career goals.

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