Communications | Speech and performance coaching, workplace interactions, enterprise communication coaching

Corporate Training | Leadership, team building, public presentations skills, body language coaching

Dance/Movement Therapy | CMAs who are Registered with the American Dance Therapy Association work privately, in clinics and psychiatric settings with clients having an array of issues, including Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Learning Disabilities, Developmental delays, and in psychiatric settings, prisons, veterans hospitals, and schools

Educational Consulting Services | K-12 curriculum development, assessment of movement skills, teacher mentoring and coaching, conflict resolution

Motion Capture | CMAs are working with Artificial Intelligence and motion capture projects

Non-verbal Cross-Cultural Interaction Analysis | Coaching for cross-cultural interactions, conflict resolution

Performance | Dance, Theater Direction, Character Development & Acting Coaching; Choreography for Theater, Opera, Skating, Gymnastics, Film and television, media coaching

Physical rehabilitation | Somatic Movement Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational therapy, massage therapy

Sports and Fitness | Personal training, life coaching, performance enhancement, injury rehabilitation