LIMS Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies – New Pathways

New Pathways is a hybrid-model certification program in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS) combining online and in-person formats. With flexible, personalized options this alternative route program makes the path to becoming a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) more accessible than ever. New Pathways is designed for the student who wants more control over their learning progress. By offering distinct, yet successive, levels and the ability to stop at any tier, New Pathways is perfect for those who may not want to commit to an entire program up front or may not want to pursue a CMA, but do want a deeper understanding of LBMS. The program consists of five tiers and LIMS offers a Certificate of Completion to those who successfully fulfill all the requirements upon completion of each tier.

  • Program Coordinators: Karen Bradley and Cheryl Clark
  • Core Faculty: Alexandra Beller, Karen Bradley, John Chanik, Cheryl Clark, Cecilia Fontanesi
Tier 1. Introduction

The Introductory tier offers newcomers to the field of movement studies the opportunity to engage the basic concepts of Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies in a systematic way.

  • Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis (18+ hrs required)
  • Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals (15+ hrs required)
  • Introduction to Anatomy & Kinesiology (17+ hrs required)

*No application process is required. Click here to see the introductory course offerings.

Tier 2. Foundation (70 hrs)

The Foundation tier focuses on deepening and clarifying the student’s understanding of the basic concepts of Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals beyond their studies in the introductory courses. Additional movement concepts and vocabulary in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies are introduced and practiced through theories, embodiment, observation, and notation. 

Tuition: $2,750

Application deadline: July 30 2021

Click here for more details.

Tier 3. Expansion (120 hrs)

The Expansion tier introduces more advanced theories and practices in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies. It explores the interrelationships among the different lenses of Body, Effort, Space, and Shape in depth and the integration of them through a whole-part-whole approach for a better understanding of movement phenomenon in a given movement context. 

Tuition: $4,000

Registration Deadline: June 30, 2021

Deposit for registration: $750 (non-refundable and valid up to 5 years)

A. Online (72 hours of synchronous and asynchronous classes)

Saturdays & Sundays, 9 am – 11 am ET (1st class) and 11:30 am – 1:30 pm ET (2nd class)


  • Week 1 8/21-22
  • Week 2 8/28-29
  • Week 3 9/18-19
  • Week 4 10/2-3
  • Week 5 10/16-17
  • Week 6 10/30-31
  • Week 7 11/13-14
  • Week 8 12/4-5
  • Week 9 12/18-19
B. Offline (48 hours in a studio)*

8 hrs per day for 6 days in January 2022 in the following locations:

  • New York City, US
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Pretoria, South Africa

*Once the registration period is closed, a survey will be conducted to set the exact dates for the in-person portion of the Expansion tier based on a student’s choice of the location. During the survey, an additional location in the US would be considered for those who prefer not to travel to New York City.

For registration or any other questions, email

Tier 4. Praxis (120 hrs)

The Praxis tier investigates various applications of Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies to specific fields where movement analysis is employed as the essential method to create, interpret, and understand meanings of “us” in the world. 

Tuition: $4,000

Dates: TBD

Tier 5. Qualifying (160 hrs)*

The Qualifying tier is the final phase where the student will refine their knowledge and skills, and hone their use of the movement analysis tools within their field of study/practice. The pedagogical implications are also addressed and incorporated in this tier. The final certification project will be guided through to completion with a project advisor who is a professional CMA and an expert in the student’s given field. 

Tuition: $5,000

Dates: TBD

*Additional application materials are required to join the Qualifying tier which entitles the CMA, a graduate-level certificate.  


To join the Foundation Tier of New Pathways, click here to access the application form and the necessary information. Please email for questions.