And now for the 2023 P&T classes! They will continue to be online on Saturdays. Watch this space for upcoming workshops and courses. (Irmgard won’t be teaching and there won’t be blackboards and chalk involved, but her image is a nice reminder of her laughter and her contributions to our work!)

Irmgard standing next to a blackboard laughing
Irmgard Teaching with laughter

Up, Down, and Around with Ease

3 elders dancing with information regarding upcoming class on teaching movement for active aging

offered by John Chanik and Dianne Woodruff

Discover the secrets to teaching active aging with our new course “Up, Down and Around with Ease: Teaching Movement for Active Aging”! 🌟 Get ready to learn essential movement techniques for senior populations to keep them mobile, strong, and independent. Join now!

Course Format: Online via LBMS Community

Cost: Early-bird registrations ($349) (end August 19th); use code EARLYBIRD at checkout.
Regular price: $399* (*10% discount for LIMS members)

Dates: September 9 – October 21, 2023

    Live Session Dates: Saturdays, September 9 and 23, October 7 and 21

Target Audience: People interested in movement/fitness training for older adults and those with fitness backgrounds seeking to design their own movement practice.

Instructors’ Bios:
Dianne L. Woodruff, CMA, PhD, has 40 years of experience in Somatic Education, and as a Certified Movement Analyst. She’s a former modern dancer and a registered Somatic Movement Therapist. Check out her fitness video series at

John Chanik is a Movement Analysis expert with vast experience in therapeutic fitness and movement coaching. He’s certified in Permaculture Design and an environmentalist exploring sustainable living methods.

Don’t miss out! Enroll now!

Back by Popular Demand

Choreutics, more than any of Rudolf Laban’s other writings, is an integrative book addressing the four components of BESS. Because Laban’s explanations and intuitive leaps may not be obvious, reading and decoding Choreutics is more rewarding when done with others.

This fall, across eight weeks beginning in mid-September, participants will study and discuss the Preface, Introduction, and first 12 chapters of Choreutics under the experienced guidance of Laban scholar, Dr. Carol-Lynne Moore.  

This course will be delivered Online via LBMS Community & Zoom

Course Period: September 22 – November 18, 2023

  • Live Session Dates & Times*
    • Saturday, Sep. 30, 11am – 12:30pm ET
    • Saturday, Oct. 14, 11am – 12:30pm ET
    • Saturday, Oct. 28, 11am – 12:30pm ET 
    • Saturday, Nov. 11, 11am – 12:30pm ET
    • Saturday, Nov. 18, 11am – 12:30pm ET

*Live sessions will be recorded and shared through the LBMS Community for the students’ review.


$399 for early-bird registrations (Enter code EARLYBIRD at checkout)

$449* starting from September 12th

(*10% discount is available for LIMS members. See Enhanced Member Benefits page on the LBMS Community.)

Audience and Pre-requisites

The course is suitable for professionally certified movement analysts as well as current students in the certification program with the following Pre-reqs:

  • Participants should have physical familiarity with Choreutic scales (dimensional, diagonal, axis, girdle, primary, and A and B Scales) and basic Effort theory (the effort qualities and the eight “Basic Effort Actions,” e.g., floating, punching, etc.).
  • Please obtain a copy of Choreutics prior to the beginning of the course.


Decoding Laban’s “Choreutics” with Dr. Carol-Lynne Moore

Carol-Lynne Moore, Ph.D., C.M.A., and Registered Movement Pattern Analyst, has been involved in the field of movement study as a writer, lecturer, and consultant for four
decades. A master teacher of Laban Movement Analysis, she has a deep practical and theoretical understanding of Laban’s work. She has taught in over 25 Certification Programs in the U.S. and Europe and currently directs MoveScape Center in DenveR, Colorado. In 2018 she was honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from LIMS.

The New LIMS Journal

Announcing The Journal of Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies! The first two issues of the JLBMS contain articles derived from presentations given at the 2018 LIMS conference. This online journal is available for free for LIMS Members. Access is available via the new LBMS Community platform where we can all come together to further the work being accomplished by those in the LBMS world. Proposals for articles and additional content can be submitted on the LBMS Community platform. New Membership information is provided on the LBMS Community platform and this website.

Education Announcements

The New York Year Long program will once again convene in Sept 2023. Registration ends 25 August 2023.

Check out the New York Yearlong page for more information or email

The New Pathways program is merging into the New York Modular (Hybrid) format!

LIMS offered the New Pathways program in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As we move forward into the post-Covid season, New Pathways, the LIMS new hybrid program, will be merging into the New York Modules to become a hybrid format implementing the benefits of online education in the pedagogy. To learn more about the New York Modular format, please click HERE to be redirected to the New York Modular Format page. For more information email

LIMS Endorsed Introductory Courses

LIMS Endorsed Introductory Courses (LEICs) are introductory courses in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies that comply with the LIMS standardized introductory course curriculum guidelines. LEICs are taught by professionally certified movement analysts* and LIMS provides the LEIC students with a certificate of completion upon their successful completion of the course with our LEIC instructors. For information on the LEIC courses offered click HERE or for information on how to become an LEIC provider contact

Have an idea for a class?

If there's an LBMS topic that you've been patiently or impatiently waiting to take a class on we would love to know. Is there a specific teacher you've always wanted to learn from? Do you have a class you would like to teach but don't want to worry about the admin or marketing? Let us know by contacting

*If you have any questions or concerns regarding our course schedule moving forward please don’t hesitate to email

As always, thank you for all that you do to bring LBMS into the world.

Irmgard Bartenieff Papers and LIMS Archives

Have you ever wanted to get more information about Irmgard Bartenieff? Or the history of the LIMS organisation? What about wanting to read articles and papers to see if anyone else had had your research question, answered it, or might be able to provide insight into it? Well, there is a place to find a plethora of information: the Irmgard Bartenieff Papers and the LIMS archive held at Special Collections in the Performing Arts at the University of Maryland. In addition to the multitude of photos, videos, papers, correspondence, personal documents, and pedagogical resources held in these two collections, there are several others that might be of interest: the Martha Davis Papers (non-verbal communication), Robert Dunn collection (post-modern guru), Sarah Chapman Hilsendager, Karen Kohn Bradley papers, and more. There are also two online exhibits for your viewing pleasure: Irmgard Bartenieff: a personal journey through dance and Robert Ellis Dunn: Father of Postmodern Dance.

If you find something you would like to see or read, complete the registration on the SCPA home page and request an item. The archivists there will be glad to assist you, and can email pdfs and images to you. And once the pandemic eases think about a trip to Maryland and DC for a trip down memory lane (and research).

To access digital media files go to and insert either ‘Bartenieff’ or ‘LIMS’ in the left search box.

There’s gold in those boxes!

At long last: UPDATES!

After years of waiting, LIMS continues developing the archives from 1997 (the last date for the archives at the University of Maryland) until today! With thanks to a generous donation, a plethora of materials in analog and digital formats will begin to be made accessible for research. And, as we work to seek further funding, we will keep pushing to bring the LIMS collection up to date. Watch this space for our progress!

Ann Hutchinson Guest

On Sunday, 10 April 2022, we learned of the death of one of the founders of the Dance Notation Bureau, and a great friend to Irmgard Bartenieff and Dance. Ann Hutchinson Guest lived for 103 years and stayed active in our community until her death! Some met her personally. Some knew of her work. All loved her. She will be missed.

To listen to Ann you can access a full interview with her in February 2020

You can upload reminiscences about Ann at

And please join the conversations in her memory at the upcoming online CAMP LBMS May 14-15 2022.

LIMS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

In June of 2020 LIMS committed itself to the difficult yet essential work of looking inward to our very core to address both the ways in which LIMS as an institution may have perpetuated systems of oppression, systemic and institutionalized racism, and harmed our BIPOC students, faculty/staff, and community members. This was important for us to investigate because it is in direct opposition to our core values.

Specifically, we committed to:

  • Investigate, understand, and undo the ways in which we are complicit in perpetuating systems of oppression, and systemic and institutionalized racism.
  • Dismantle the white supremacist and Eurocentric structures that permeate our organization, curriculum, and pedagogy. 
  • Create and hold space for our BIPOC colleagues, and listen with the intent to understand their grievances and take corrective and reparative action.

Immediately following this pledge we received communication from several members of our community passionate about seeing this work through. On June 30th a handful of interested individuals, invited members, and representation from the LIMS board of directors held our inaugural meeting as the newly formed LIMS Diversity, Equity ,and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. To read more about the committee (Mission, guiding principles, areas of focus, members, and updates on activities) go to the new webpage here.

Please consider signing up for this anti-racism training, which is designed for those of us in the LBMS and somatics communities, to be held January 16 and 17, from 10 am to 1 pm each day.  The cost is only $35 US for the 6 hours and you can sign up here


LIMS Statement of Solidarity and Action

To Our Community,

“I can’t breathe!”

Contemplating the sobering and painful last words of George Floyd we must remind ourselves that breath is the foundational pattern of all human movement. Where there is no breath there is no movement; where there is no movement there is no life. When our Black colleagues say that they can’t breathe we must attend not only to the surface meaning but also to the subtext; that white supremacy and systemic and institutional racism both literally and figuratively suffocate Black lives.