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Community Engagement, Performance, and Environmental Activism

Our Arts & Culture programs are deeply rooted in community engagement, performance, and acknowledgement of the environment.

Our signature Arts & Culture program is Global Water Dances (GWD). The GWD program connects and supports an international community of choreographers and dancers to inspire action and collaboration for the enlightening of water issues through the universal language of dance. 

The initiators of GWD are an international network of dance and non-verbal communication experts. In working with choreographers around the world, we draw on Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff’s practices with human movement to mirror the universe’s dynamic patterns. Using Laban’s technique of Movement Choirs, the choreographers create dances which move both the participants, and the observers.

We have created a curriculum that can be applied to diverse educational settings, and the Site Impact Fund, that promotes collaboration between environmental experts and artists. 

Join us to be part of the GWD community!

Vannia Ibarguen MFA, CMA

Artistic Director – Global Water Dances

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Global Water Dances

We use the international languages of dance & film to promote awareness and a behavioral shift toward solutions for water preservation.

About Global Water Dances

Global Water Dances began as a collective idea of an international group of individuals, certified by the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS), with decades of experience in producing Movement Choirs: events that use community dance to create social cohesion through non-verbal communication. They met attending a conference on Dance and the Environment in July 2008 at Schumacher College in England. The college, connected to the Dartington Estate, is rich in modern dance history and Laban’s life.

The original group includes Karen Bradley, Richard Bell, John Chanik, Gretchen Dunn, Martha Eddy, Ellen Goldman, Marylee Hardenbergh, Antja Kennedy, Tara Stepenburg, Simone Hoever,and Daniela Schlemm.

Participation in Global Water Dances is open to anyone who loves to move.

Our first event took place in June 2011 where 57 locations came together for a 24 hour movement around the world.

Our Mission

We connect and support a global community of choreographers and dancers to inspire action and international collaboration for water issues through the universal language of dance.

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