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ECOPOETIC is a free and open to the public site-specific performing arts event that expresses the Laban dance community desire to collaborate in taking care of the planet we share with millions of species, through artistic practices that cultivate meaningful relationships and create exciting and healthier livable places.

The 2018 inaugural event was conceived by the Artistic Director REGINA MIRANDA ( as a multi-centered spatial structure formed by interconnected spots, presenting simultaneous performances throughout the Washington Square Park/Garibaldi Plaza, highlighting its paths, spaces and species, and inviting people to enjoy art as part of their everyday life.

ECOPOETIC performances was not imposing over the surrounding spaces, or hindered their normal use, but dialogued with the environment, its activities and passers-by. The dance pieces were performed without stages, amplified sound or set installations. Just people, performing close and with people, adding new rhythms and movement dynamics to the beautiful atmosphere that exists in this NYC beloved Park. While each work standed alone as a signature piece, in their connectivity one added to another, creating an overall compelling aesthetic experience for all.

As an artistic event honoring the Laban/Bartenieff Institute (LIMS) 40th Anniversary, ECOPOETIC brought together dancers and choreographers to create works that could motivate people to appreciate the interconnected relationships between human beings, non-human species and the natural world.

ECOPOETIC has been designed as a framework to artistically promote equity among these relationship instances. 

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