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Our research arm supports LBMS and LIMS through research-based initiatives such as the Journal of LBMS (JLBMS), Conferences, Symposia, and research partnerships. We also provide and sustain Resources for study such as archival collections, online exhibits, bibliographies, and other materials.

Susan L Wiesner PhD, CMA

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Journal of Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies (JLBMS)

The Journal of Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies publishes material stemming from the systems and explorations established by Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff, and now further studied, developed, and taught at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies and other schools and research centers. These approaches employ observation, sensing, moving, analysis, investigation, schematization, and questioning with the aim of understanding the body/mind from a systemic and integrative perspective involving whole-body movement, gesture, speech, facial expressions, and the Laban aspects of Body, Effort, Space, and Shape, etc. 

Our Programs

Conferences, Symposia, & Events

International Conference on LBMS

As an evolving community engaged with the living, breathing body of knowledge of LBMS, we seek to grow and nurture a sustainable platform that fosters a vibrant and inclusive community, united by a shared dedication to consensus building. We embrace curiosity and counterpoints to realize the potential of our shared community and of our field.


CAMP LBMS: Community and Movement Perspectives in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies, is an opportunity for the LBMS Community to come together and connect, to share new knowledge, engage with the field, and generate new ideas around the work we do. CAMP is open to all, regardless of whether or not you’re affiliated with an LBMS institution.

Community Conversations

Community Conversations seek to advance the field of LBMS by offering a consistent, free, platform for LBMS community members to gather, connect, share, and advance thought around various topics of special interest within the field of LBMS. These conversations are led by an individual or group of community members and production support is provided by LIMS.

LIMS research

Library & Archives

LIMS offers several resources for locating primary and secondary sources useful for research into Irmgard Bartenieff, Rudolf Laban, the LIMS organisation, and writings of students and CMAs.

LIMS research

Research Partners

LIMS® organizes and supports projects that utilize Laban Movement Analysis/ Bartenieff Fundamentals and CMAs (Certified Movement Analysts), who research human movement and the meaningful nature of our interactions.

KIsta Tucker, Martha Eddy, and Forrestine Pauley view materials in the Irmgard Bartenieff Papers held at Special Collections in the Performing Arts at the University of Maryland.

the Irmgard Bartenieff Papers and the LIMS archive held at Special Collections in the Performing Arts at the University of Maryland.

Miriam Phullips, CMA – “Your Brain on Dance” explored closed-loop visual neuro-feedback of evolving brain waves during flamenco and improvisational dance. Presented with Karen Bradley at the 2016 Int’l Conference on Mobile Brain-Body Imaging and the Neuroscience of Art, Innovation and Creativity, Cancun, Mexico.

Our programs

Research Initiatives and News

LIMS® organizes and supports projects that utilize Laban Movement Analysis/ Bartenieff Fundamentals and CMAs (Certified Movement Analysts), who research human movement and the meaningful nature of our interactions.

Laban Movement Analysis provides a map for movement and a framework for observing change and evolution of human behavior. It is an excellent tool for social scientists, neuroscientists, technology designers, forensics experts, educational practitioners and researchers, critics and literary and non-literary theorists, and fitness, health, and medical researchers. It is a valid, reliable systematic method for analyzing, documenting, describing and recreating human movement through micro and macro pattern analysis.

Let us connect you to CMAs qualified to assist you in your research, or, if you are a CMA, to researchers in your areas of interest.


While processing Irmgard Bartenieff’s Papers at Special Collections in Performing Arts we discovered several…

LIMS Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find general information about the archives at the University of Maryland?
Where can I find a list of LBMS-related documents held at the University of Maryland?

Finding aids and collection information specific to Dance (the LIMS, Bartenieff, Dunn, Davis, etc.) can be found at

Can I find resources at the LIMS headquarters in NYC?

These resources are not currently processed with finding aids. However, you can visit the LIMS resource room by contacting LIMS for available times ( and  meeting someone there.

Is access to materials free?

Access to materials held at both LIMS and UMD is free. Copies of materials at UMD can be made, saved, and sent to you via the request form online. UMD will make up to 50 pages of copy for free, and beyond the 50-page limit, you can pay for copies. To visit the UMD archives you can request a time to come, or walk-in (but only the Lowens room is open without prior appointment). See

I don’t live in Maryland. How can I access and request materials from the archives?
Can I check out books at UMD and/or LIMS?

Short answer is ‘NO’ as most books are rare or one-of-a-kind. You can purchase a few titles from LIMS for a fee.

Are there any lists of documents, or annotations of papers?

Yes! Through the LIMS finding aid you can get a pdf of documents. Also, some papers from the Martha Davis collection are annotated. See and scroll down to Bibliography.

Latest Knowledge Base

A bibliography and resource guide for LBMS materials is in progress. A Digital Repository can be accessed through the University of Maryland Libraries.


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