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Explore your most fundamental language, your birthright.

From birth, we cultivate a natural language of movement, using our bodies to perform various functions, express meanings, and communicate. Movement is integral to all human activities, encompassing politics, society, culture, science, history, and art. Through a diverse range of educational programs, LIMS Education offers the opportunity to not only acknowledge movement as an innate language but also to observe, analyze, and utilize it more effectively and meaningfully in our lives. Join us in the world of movement studies!

Si-Hyun Yoo PhD, CMA

Director of Education

Our Programs

Introductory Courses

Introductory courses in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies offer newcomers to the field of movement studies the opportunity to engage with the basic concepts of Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies in a systematic way. If you are interested in a better understanding of yourself, and others, through movement – a universal, natural language with which we are all born – the introductory courses will be the starting point of your journey.

Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis

Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) has a comprehensive vocabulary and analytical framework with which to identify patterns and changes of movement to perceive meaning. Learn to analyze the body in motion to become a more dynamic mover and communicator through understanding your movement preferences and investigate the many ways the body can shape itself and project into space. LMA supports creative work in fields as diverse as Performing Arts, Music, Business, Psychology, Anthropology, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Medical Research, Animation/CGI/Robotics, Ergonomics, Non-verbal Communications, among many others.

Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentalssm

The Bartenieff Fundamentalssm (BF) are a set of principles developed by Irmgard Bartenieff, who studied with Rudolf Laban. Bartenieff developed a methodology exploring the principles of kinesiological functioning that can be used to observe and analyze our bodies in motion and which can be extended to all types of movement possibilities. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary, integrative movement experience that goes beyond technique. Explore the underlying principles of movement through the lens of Bartenieff – this somatic movement approach that is shaking up and waking up the fitness, performing arts, and communication worlds.

Introduction to Anatomy & Kinesiology

The Anatomy & Kinesiology (A&K) course explores the structural and functional aspects of anatomy with emphasis on the skeletal and muscular systems. An integrated approach to the theory and practice of anatomical and kinesiological concepts is presented through lectures, hands-on work, and demonstration of everyday movement. This course has been approved to be transferred for a semester-long course credit at Lesley University, Pratt Institute, and others.


Certification Program
in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies

LIMS’ Certification Program in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies is a professional post-Baccalaureate educational program leading to the internationally recognized title of Certified Movement Analyst (CMA). The program is an embodied educational process in Rudolf Laban’s conceptualization of movement and Irmgard Bartenieff’s in-depth methodology of understanding the body in motion. The Program involves the study of Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentalssm through theory, embodiment, observation training, and seminars in the history of the system and its diverse areas of application.

Our Programs

Continuing Education Courses

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Student Feedback

What Our Students Are Saying

Ann Feldman
    Ann Feldman

    Dance Teaching Artist

    I use the concepts that I have learned [from the introductory courses] for teaching dance classes for children and for teaching dance for people who have Parkinsons Disease. I utilize the dimensional cross, the diagonal cross, the effort factors and also the affinities between the effort factors and dimensions. I find the work is so helpful in teaching movement quality and the potential for dance experiences with embodiment. I am interested in learning much more.

    Taiwo Adeleye
      Taiwo Adeleye

      Movement Therapist, Dancer, Restauranteur

      As an immigrant dancer embarking on my first professional journey in America, the LIMS LABAN Certification Program was a beacon of light, guiding me through uncharted territories with grace and profound knowledge. Coming into the program with minimal understanding of Laban movement analysis, I was initially apprehensive about my ability to keep pace. However, the program’s inclusive design and the faculty’s dedication to accommodating all levels of expertise quickly dispelled my fears.

      Sara Collier
        Sara Collier

        Dance Director, Choreographer, Teacher

        Laban’s Mastery of Movement has a high degree of complexity and depth. Carol-Lynne Moore has an extraordinary comprehension and mastery on the subject. She is very structured and has a beautiful ability to transmit with great ease and clarity such complex body of knowledge. I am so grateful that LIMS offers such interesting courses lead by outstanding scholars. I highly recommend LIMS Continuing Education courses to keep developing in the spiral Movement Studies.

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