Our Mission | To maintain and grow a vital movement center, comprised of a School, an Arts & Culture Unit, and a Research Unit — dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the movement theories and practices created by Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff.

To introduce Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), the Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF), and related work to the general public, and to qualify movement professionals as Certified Movement Analysts (CMAs) through LIMS’ Certification Programs.

To encourage Laban/Bartenieff-influenced artistic work, dance research and community engagement dance programs, and to seek the investment needed to publicize and support such endeavors.

To bring together a dynamic network of international movement specialists and to promote communication, interaction and growth within the global community of LMA/BF professionals through continuing education, conferences, research, publications, workshops, performing arts events, media appearances, and Internet resources.

Core Values | Our organizational culture is informed by mutual respect, constant improvement, high quality, honesty, integrity, and empowerment of ourselves and of others. LIMS is deeply engaged in making people aware of the value of seeing movement more clearly, of perceiving that being alive is being in movement, of moving with greater consciousness and of understanding the connections between movement and its wealth of meanings.

In our almost 40 years of existence, we have been able to establish a powerful network of organizations and professionals around the world. The needs of our community and the demands of the current global challenges for the kind of work we provide compel us to develop new programs, approaches, and innovative research, and to create an ever-expanding range of services and products.