“The Certification Program in Bartenieff Fundamentals/Laban Movement Analysis is something I have wanted to do for many years. I studied the material as an undergraduate and then in workshops and short courses in New York over the years, but the Certification Program puts it all together as a cohesive discipline. I have found this program to be an exceptional opportunity to study with a group of gifted teachers whose thorough embodiment of the work is both engaging and inspiring. The teaching methodology really resonates with me as a dancer and an educator, but also as a scholar. We are exposed to the material theoretically, physically and even emotionally. There is a practical element to the program as well, in which students are able to do workshops with people in the field who are using BF/LMA in a variety of applications. In addition, the modular structure is, in fact, the reason I am able to do this program along with my full-time work teaching in a college. I look forward to each module and to studying with a group of colleagues and fellow students who are as engaged and excited about the work as I am.” —Lesley Farlow, CMA 
Interested in becoming a CMA? Email Director of Education, Si-Hyun Yoo at education@labaninstitute.org