Global Water,  is a visionary artistic initiative, launched in June 2011, and focused on the critical need for safe drinking water. The initiators of Global Water Dances (GWD) are an international network of dance and non-verbal communication experts who work with local choreographers around the world to create a biennial international performance event. It began with 57 choreographic sites and now has grown to encompass 108 participating sites across six continents.

The work between Global Water Dances and local choreographers around the world draws on Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff’s practices with human movement to mirror the universe’s dynamic patterns. Using Laban’s technique of Movement Choirs, the choreographers create dances in public places which not only inspires the participants but also the observers. As evidence of the power of these performances: after the 2013 event, close to 1,000 surveys were gathered from four continents and showed that 75% of the participants and audience members now had an increased interest in water issues and 78% were now inspired to take action regarding water issues.

Global Water Dances became a part of LIMS’ Arts & Culture programming in 2016. Its fusion of dance, culture, media, and online advocacy adds the important aspect of communities’ social engagement through the arts to the Arts & Culture scope.

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