There are a range of forums available. When you register, The Laban Administrator will add you to the forums that are appropriate:
(Note: it may take from 2-5 business days to get your forum registration completed. It is a manual process. Please be patient. You will receive your confirmation of Forum Registration and Access by email.)

Public: Open to anyone visiting the site, upon approval

LIMS Members: If you are a paid LIMS member, you will be added to this forum and you can discuss the Institute. Special announcements for Members only will be here, including upcoming events around the world.

CMAs: This forum is for CMAs and related programs, based upon validation of the certification. It is for theoretical conversations.

Current Students and Faculty: You must be a faculty member or currently enrolled student in a LIMS certification program and once you are registered for the site, you will be added to those program forums. There is also a forum for All Current Faculty and Coordinators called Shared Resources.

Researchers Forum: You can be added to this forum if you are a CMA/researcher and a LIMS Member. It’s a forum to share projects, find partners, discuss funding, etc. You will be added to this forum automatically if you are both a CMA and a LIMS member.

You need to be logged in in order to see all the forums you are part of.

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